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Spottedfever strikes again

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When he gets to go he seems to always score. There are a few very nice white trout mixed in that fine mess of specks. Nice job buddy.

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Sat. 8/2/14 pasc. Area put over early and hit the first spot, with no luck picked up and tried a big flat beach front area. They were there and wanted to eat. Keep 21 total, with a few white trout mixed in. Had to weed through 70 plus throw backs to get the ones we got. At times they were biting every cast. It was evandent that they were eating shrimp, due to them puking them up in the boat. I can't take all the credit, I fished with my good buddy today. All trout caught on 1/8 smoke and avacodo sparkle beetle, in 2 to 4 foot of water. Also we left them biting at 12:00 they were real small. I have had good luck on a neap tide at times, so don't stay home just because of a neap. It paid off today, with a mixed mess. Thanks Mr.Barnes for posting
Thanks for your report. That is a really nice bunch of trout.
Nice catch and now you got me thinking. What about the Gulfport Small craft Harbor? It is good sized and lighted.....
Sounds like a few people had good trips.

Congrats on the mess of fish and thanks for the detailed report.
Thanks bull members for all the positive comments. Wild Bill not sure about gulf port harbor, I only fish pascagoula area.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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