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Spottedfever's fish

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Not sure if y'all have been paying attention but spottedfever can flat catch some trout.

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Thanks Mr. Barnes but it's just luck. 6/29/14 Pasc. Area, put over about 5:30am hit the spot and picked up a few while watching the sun rise. The bite kind of slowed when the sun got off the water. So we made several drifts. Then about 8:30am things started to pick up. Caught fish till about 12:00 and they shut off, caught 22 trout with only 2 throw backs. Caught them on smoke sparkle beetle, category 5 suicide croaker, in about two to four feet of water. Tight lined on a slow roll.
I've noticed it SJ...flat out putting it on em
Good liking mess of fish. Were y'all in the marsh area or out front
Always showing us a nice catch. Way to get after them!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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