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Spring Gobbler Survey

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Folks -

As always, we here at the MDWFP would like to have the most accurate data possible to make management decisions regarding wild turkeys. Therefore, we need the help of the state's turkey hunters. If you are an avid turkey hunter that hunts anywhere in the state of Mississippi, you can assist us with data collection, by signing up to be a participant in the annual Spring Gobbler Hunting Survey. Data collection will only take a minute or two of your time following each day's hunt. It doesn't matter if you only hunt once or if you hunt every day of the season. Any information we can get helps.

In an effort to increase participation, we will be holding a gun raffle for all hunters that return a completed data booklet at the end of the season. So by helping us, you get a chance to win a Remington 870.

If you are interested in learning more, please see the SGHS page on the Turkey Program website. The article gives background information on the survey, describes the data that is collected and why it is important to the MDWFP, and also details what can be expected of the hunter. This article can be found at: http://home.mdwfp.com/wildlife/Species/Turkey/info.aspx?id=480

Also, we now have an online enrollment form which can be found at: http://home.mdwfp.com/wildlife/Species/Turkey/BookletForm.aspx
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I just signed up online. I used to get them in the mail a few years back. I will be sure to send the data I collect back in once season is over.
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