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Stay Put Anchor

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I came across this website in my recent sponsor searches, it's similar to the stick it anchor but it's all metal so I would think it would hold up better and seems to be reasonably priced, you can get it up to 12', I haven't heard about a sponsorship from them yet but I figured I would let y'all know about them, I think I am gonna order one for the key west soon. www.stayputanchor.com
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Looks cool. Thanks for posting..
If it's anything like the Stick It I use, it's a great product.
Nice looking product.
The shaft is fiberglass, but the bracket is aluminum, I really like the bow mount, think it would also come in handy for rigging my small center console up to flounder off of without putting any unnecessary holes in the deck
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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