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still hope!

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There is still hope for this land bound fisherman to get a billfish. http://2coolfishing.com/ttmbforum/showthread.php?t=1099649 Maybe add a crazy catch category for the hardhead classic? For those blue water fishermen looks like the 18 inch reds might become choice bait for billfish trolling [laugh]

On another note I caught my wife looking at boats on Craigslist.
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WOW!!![omg] I did see the other weird facebook video floating around where the guy gaffs a Tuna Yellowfin I think 90lber at the dock in FL somewhere.

Now, this "On another note I caught my wife looking at boats on Craigslist." That my man is the realy story in this post!!![cool] That is Unicorn, Holy grail level rare!!!
She claims she was just looking at jet skis, I think I could figure out how to fish off one of those too.
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