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Still Water dogs!

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HR and Dyna showed out and put 2 up in less than 30 minutes the other night. The little one walked down another tree that was leaning in the one it went up. WRONG MOVE!!!!!!!!! He barely had time to squeel one time before it was over.

The next one gave a little more of a race and both the dogs were singing to her! They put some pressure on her quick and she ended up climbing right next to the road. I like them that are easy to walk to! LOL

Dyna really shined so she gets the tree shot!


Down and dirty!



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don't know why I can't put pictures and/or paragrapghs??????????????
To post a picture in there you need to select the picture you want and copy it. Go to photobucket or where ever and using the mouse > right click the photo and select copy > come back here select the spot in your message where you want it to go > right click the mouse and select past. Done.
Ok. That's just different from any forum I've used in the past. Thanks for the help
Once I copy the tab for paste is "grey'd" out. Just figured out that the HTML option works though
Looking good Aritt, I like them
Yeller dawgs! Did I get the only one out of the litter that's not Yeller
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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