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Stuff Flounder

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The baked variety...

This was my first attempt at deboning a flounder. I think I about got it figured out and next time I will be able to do it without any openings on the side.

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Looks good to me. I don't think your tongue will complain about the openings.
Dang man that's just wrong. I just finished supper a little while ago and need to wait a little while at least before I show back up in the kitchen hunting something to eat.
Same thing we just had for dinner except not stuffed. What all kinda goodies did you stuff it with? I normally just use some crab pattys that my wifes grandmother makes
That's what I used - not your grandmothers [rofl].

I am smoking 6 Rib Racks, some tuna, shark, and salmon tomorrow and have 2 dozen oysters to chargrill as a chef's treat while I am doing it, and I got enough crab stuffing left to do crab dressing on a few of the oysters.

Spending 7 hours running the smoker, is my version of a spirit walk.
Pete, you always do put up some very nice after pictures! Looks amazing!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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