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suppressing a .44 mag

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I want to get a New England .44 mag Handi trheaded and a suppressor, who and/or where would be able to do this. I want to use this gun for a hog gun and to start my wife and daughters deer hunting with it.
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Any competent gunsmith can thread the barrel. There are a few places here in ms that can tell you all the info on setting up a trust and purchasing a suppressor. Have heard good things from ms auto arms near oxford.
Also, you must set up a trust which usually runs about $200, it will cost you a $200 stamp fee+ suppressor cost. Not much to it except for the long wait on the government approving everything. Usually 4-6 month wait.
A trust isn't required but is often preferred over individual ownership or setting up a company for corp ownership. Donald Creswell at world wide firearms offers trust docs for $30. Most any company that sells NFA items can walk you through the process.
Smith's Speed Shop in Purvis. He is worth the drive and has in stock exactly what your looking for, for a 44. The wait is around 9+ months right now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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