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Taxi finally called

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To say last season was good would be an understatement..

I still think the greatest joy of all from last season was this
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Very good looking deer
That be a fine gentlemen that is proud if his work and I will gladly pay it every time, Ellis Solomon.. You go in the guys shop and no matter how tied up he is he always has time to chat with ya, guy is good as gold and his work is top notch.. An example is I went by 2 weeks ago and it looked like my deer was ready and he said gimme a week but don't be upset if its 2 cause the longer I take on the finish the better it will look.. I'm a man that takes pride in what my hands build and like dealing with folks alike..
Fine looking deer! I got mine done from this past season in that aggressive mount.. Im looking forward to getting it back.. Im getting mine done at Jays Taxidermy, he said he has been wanting to do one with the ears pinned back like he is fighting, so i told him he could do mine like that.. Im hoping it turns out good!
that's what im talking about man. great looking deer!!! gotta love shoulder mounts
Looks great! Ellis is one good dude. Exactly as you told it. He never tries to rush you out of there. In fact I usually end up having to beg off with some reason to leave. He loves to talk hunting, and his work is top notch. Not the cheapest, but he will get all my work. Now I just need to do my part!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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