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Thanks to everyone

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I haven't posted or commented in awhile but I felt like I needed to say something. Things have not only been busy but pretty stressful for me lately. I have browsed and read some of the post as I have had time but truthfully I just haven't had the time or energy to give any input. I am not sure if anyone else can relate but sometimes I just don't feel like I have anything left in my tank to give (and I'm not just talking about fishing stuff). I hope that's not being too open. Yet, I come on here and the fishing stories, the photos, the fishing reports, and the overall camaraderie, in some odd way, helps. I realize this forum is only what the members put into it and this place continues to be a good place. So thanks for all the positive stuff you guys put here. And thanks to the moderators for allowing us some liberty to get side-tracked at times. Although I know very few personally I feel that I am among friends. Blessings
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Odd that you should post tonight, I was just thinking about you.
I know what you mean Glen sometimes it's just satisfying to read
a post and know you're buddies are still out there poking fun at each
right where they left off

I am sorry you are going through some trials. But I am glad that we can offer a bit of light, levity, and humor.
I do understand the "nothing left in the tank" feeling. Very much so.
But do not think that you are among friends........know it.

Post when you can.......I always look forward to hearing from you.
Glad to hear from you rev....i was wondering about you the past few days so you have been in my thoughts,i'll remember you in my payers and hope i get to see some more pics like you posted from your vacation soon.
Thanks for sharing. Not only the fact that reading the forum helps, but knowing you could post something open and honest like this just again shows how great this forum and the folks are it really are.

And know that there are been times that reading your post has helped me in similar ways.
Glen if you need anything or just an outlet call me. I can relate to the gas tank being on empty at times. Sometimes God intends for us to step back, take a breath and refuel ourselves for the next round.
Here's an old Jimmy Buffett line about life."Some times its magic and some times its tragic, but its been a good life all the way." Hope you are feeling better.[cool] MM
Seems like I remember a wedding in your family recently.As a father myself,I know it can be hard to see that ( little girl go ).Cheer up grand kids are great.[smile] MM
The Bull always gives my mind a "break". We all have "life" and the stress that goes along with it. I don't do drink, do drugs or wild women, I do hunting and fishing. The Bull is that few minutes a day to breakaway and go fishing with SJ and Willie or floundering with Topwater, catch a giant redfish with Fish Whisperer or a giant 11 pounder while wade fishing with Southern Salt. That's the cool thing about this place. Good to hear from you Huntingrev, I have a good friend that's a minister and I wouldn't want your job. It's a high stress job if there ever was one! Hang in there and go fishing ASAP!
Glen if you need anything or just an outlet call me. I can relate to the gas tank being on empty at times. Sometimes God intends for us to step back, take a breath and refuel ourselves for the next round.
+1 on the gas tank! Sometimes we all need to step back and chill. Sometimes with our thoughts and sometimes with friend and family. Get a good outlet and do what you need to do rev. I lost my brother last year and I don't know how bad things would have been without friends and family, and all the folks on the bull, I put darn near to the top. Have not met many but feel like I know them all.. Real glad I stayed in South Mississippi![thumbup]
Thanks again for the kind words. I didn't mean to sound like I was on the edge ready to jump [smile]. I think wetland man said it better than I did, "The Bull always gives my mind a "break". That is really what I need and glad this place offers that. Hats off again to everyone. Blessings
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