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The Christmas 9

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The rut is slowly starting to appear where I hunt and I’ve gotten a couple pics of this buck before but he’s been MIA for well over a week. After our communion at church yesterday I quickly changed and sped 20 minutes down the road to my spot. With this cold weather we’ve been having I was hoping to catch one of my target bucks, or maybe even a surprise one, on his feet.

Just before 5 o’clock I looked to my right, scanning a trail about 60 yards leading out of a thicket. Then I scanned to my left for about 30 seconds. When I looked back to my right this buck had magically appeared in the spot I had just looked at. He stood there for about a minute checking his surroundings, took a couple steps and stopped again. By this time I was trying to settle the crosshairs on his shoulder and was about to pull the trigger when he started walking again. After a few more steps he stopped and I squeezed the trigger on the Bergara 6.5 Creedmoor. The buck only made it 20 yards.

The buck was a typical deer where I hunt..not huge but a mature deer and that’s what I look for around here. I didn’t have time to load my 4 wheeler before I left so getting him in the back of the truck was hilarious if you weren’t me..lol.

This was the first deer I’ve taken with the 6.5 and I’m impressed so far-immediate blood trail and the buck went down within seconds.
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