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The way to refill the thermacell cheap and easy...

Hey fellas. Here's the how to refill the butane cartridge and the pads for your ThermaCell. Scroll down for detailed steps with pics.

When the butane cartridge is empty take a pair of needle nose pliers and pull the brass out the top of the empty cylinder. Try not to ruin the o-ring. Under that you will see a solid white piece of material, poke a hole with a needle in it(in the empty cartridge not the brass fitting). Push the brass back in. Get one of those butane cans with the different tips. Find the tip that fits in the brass. Cut a very small v-notch in the tip of that. Place the butane cartridge on a table and insert tip of a butane can in it. Press down. You can now re-fill your bottle any time. One can of butane will last a pretty good while. You can usually find the cans of butane at tobacco stores and such. It's the same cans used to fill lighters. Make sure it has the different fittings for it so you can match it up with your cartridge. The brass fitting is what stops and starts the flow. When you poke the hole in the material that is under the fitting that is what allows you to be able to re-fill the cartridge. When you put the brass fitting back in push it in real good. Then fill it with the butane can. Note, Make sure you only fill to the same level the new ones are at. I mark the level with a magic marker. The whole process is to poke the hole so fluid can go in. Everything else will be just like it was. Detailed steps are below. I use all my old pads for resoaking them, so keep up with them. I spray them with a squirt bottle filled with Permethrin until they're soaked and almost dripping. Then I just store them in a zip lock bag and use them as needed. The original pads are soaked in Allethrin. I use Permethrin, the main ingredient in Permanone. You can find Permethrin at almost any local co-op or feed store. It's not high priced and will go a long way with soaking pads. I've used them and deer never paid it any mind. It works just as good as the original pads did. Permanone can also be used instead of Permethrin. You can also use food coloring so you would know when all the chemical is used up. All of this sure has saved me some money, hopefully it can save you money too. I'm just a hunter trying to help fellow hunters.

Grip your needle noses right here..

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Pull that brass fitting out,and under it poke a hole with a needle. When I say under it. I do not mean the brass fitting. I mean under it where it was sitting. The hole will go into the chamber of the cartridge. This will allow the butane to go in. Again, make sure you use an empty one. It may hiss,but don't be scared. A sewing needle,or pin is preferred..Without poking this hole the canister will not re-fill. Push that fitting back in. Make sure it is seated well.

Get a can of this..

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Find the fitting that will fit in your brass fitting...

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Cut a small v-notch here. The v-notch helps with filling. It speeds it up.

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Put the tip in and push down. Only fill about like the new ones are. You can make a mark with a permanent marker to know when to stop.

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