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This is how we Roll

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This was a john boat trailer I bought from Academy and modified it to launch my kayak. Moved a few things around and installed PVC runners to fit the channels on the bottom. Haven't pulled it yet but I think it will do the job.
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That is nothing short of pure fishing elegance Bill!

That thing would be perfect out along Cat's north side.
Thanks Shooter. Yea it would be cool up in those bayous. I haven't been in their in 40 years.
Sweet!!! I need me a new trailer for Jon boat, what that one run ya?
I love this idea Bill. Now I just need a tow hitch for the motorcycle and I'd be set!
I really like that whole setup. Very nice.
Thanks Brother, I like it. It's sort of a project for me. I've still got a a little tweaking to do, but it's coming along. One cool feature is the steering. It's hands free. I get the craziest looks when I'm cutting in an out of structure while I'm trying on a bait.
I have seen you fish out of it and it is messed up trying to figure out how your steering it if you don't know. Nice rig for sure.
My best Bud made his steering using the controller button from a car's power window.

"Up" is left and "Down" is right. He has a rheostat switch for the speed. He went and mounted it on a hardened plastic electronics box. It is all about the size of 3 decks of cards.

Pretty cool.
Yep there is some tricky stuff out there for sure. What I will do eventually is remove the five position selector switch and go PWM. Then I can dial in whatever speed I want. The five position switch is a power consumer. Maybe this time home I'll change my battery for a AGM 35 AH and mount it inside the front hatch. This will reduce my weight by 20 lbs. to go with that I'll mount a solar panel on my cooler top and trickle charge as I go. Once done ill wire everything inside the skin then it will be wire free on the deck. Makes for a clean rig. Like I said it's just a project. One of many I got going on round here.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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