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So yesterday, I was watching the Tactacam footage from my hunt Saturday morning and something caught my attention. I was of course focused in on the bird that I killed and your can hear a gobble after I call to him. What I noticed was that his neck or head never moved. After watching the footage from the beginning closely, I came to the realization that I had two birds come in to me. The strutter which is the first bird I saw and then the bird I eventually killed. I got crossed up when the strutter went behind some trees and the bird I killed popped out on the other side. After watching, I can clearly see the strutter never breaking strut the whole time I am focused in on the bird I killed. Long story short is that the strutter was not killed. What are your thoughts on him still being in that same area?
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Really good chance he will be around. I've killed a bird from a pair/group multiple times and went right back to the same area the next day and got on them again.
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