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tips for teal hunting

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I have grown up duck hunting in the delta but have never hunted the September teal season and was thinking about giving it a shot this year. What type of areas (timber,breaks,fields) do yall have best luck for teal?
Any hunting tips will be helpful too.
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Grown up catfish ponds is some fine sept teal hunting.
Cut rice fields that have water back in them are good teal spots too. They don't hit timber like greenwings will. They like shallow water with lots of aquatic vegetation. Duckiller mentioned a good spot as well. Luck is definiately needed with bwt in the early season though. You can have the best looking spot in the world and not see a teal. They are also prone to show up one day and be gone the next. Good luck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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