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too much bait!!

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Went out this morning to the broadwater and bait was busting everywhere. Threw the net and got some pogies figured well since they are hitting these I should tear them up..nope fish were too full. Oh well was fun to get out and cast the net, tried throwing fish whispers way can't get my net to open up on the backside of it just need some more practice.
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There is nothing to back this up as being factual aside of what I perceive as I fish but it seems to me that when Wilie and me have been on a good bite and one of those giant millions of pogey's schools moves in on us it shuts the bite down.
Back in the day when the poggies would move in we would snag a few with a treble hook and catch sharks on our big rigs off the pier. So maybe the predators follow the poggies and the game fish move out of range...
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