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Tow Behind Brush and Field Mower

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If any of you would like to cut trails through narrow areas or small fields you might want to check out one of these. I recently bought a DR Tow behind Brush and Field Mower. It is powered by a B&S 20HP engine and cuts 44" wide. It comes with a long towing bar that can be used to offset the mower right or left, but for most of my use I bought the optional Ball Mount kit and just run the short bar so that it tucked in behind my side by side. It is rated to cut up to 3" brush, but I don't want to run over that that big stuff with my side by side. It also can be used to clear the leaves from the trail to your bow stand because it makes a nice trail clear of leaves due to the air disturbance of the mower. We've also been using it to mow in the 5th row cut in pine plantations for shooting lanes and/or planting. A link to the model I bought is below, but you can get one with a smaller engine for a few hundred less. They also make a finish mower for a lot less money if you only want to keep grass mowed.

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I have the Swisher rough cut. 44" cut and a 14 1/2 HP motor. Love it!!! Bout 2 grand cheaper to
For that price, you can pick up a decent used tractor with a real bush hog. Even a 30 year old used tractor will outlast several 4-wheelers and probably a few replacement swisher mowers.
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I really appreciate that information that you forwarded to me. If the one I'm going to buy used doesn't do what I need I'll consider buying one of these new. I just never heard of these guys. As the poster above stated you can buy a tractor probably what this will cost if I was looking for a tractor but I already have 2 Kubota's with all the bells and whistles that work great in all but one area that I own. That field is low and I can't get in it all year just during dry conditions. I want to keep it cut year round which is hard to do. Deer and turkey love this area except when they can't see danger particularly turkeys. With the dwindling turkey habitat I've been trying to create as much as I can and it has paid off for me.
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