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Triple Double!

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The fact that we had 23 very nice trout before 8 AM pales in comparison to the action we enjoyed with the tripletail. I had one of my very favorite clients Billy Digger onboard this morning. We departed the harbor earlier and made our way through the darkness to our first trout spot. Coincidentally it was also our last trout spot for today. The bite was not fast and furious but it was steady enough to keep us entertained and smiling. When they slowed down Mr Billy was ready for some tripletail action. We got started a little early and the tide was still moving pretty good so the first 100 crab pots only produced a single possible sighting. I decided to move to a different area and then it started! First I saw a lonely forgotten trap that appeared to have been there for a year or three and sure enough there was our first fish about 8-9 pounds and it wasted no time gobbling up the shrimp. We moved on to some poles where we caught one tagged fish and released it, then we caught a shorty and tagged it. The third fish we saw there had lock jaw. I decided to move to another area. With the water as slick as it was today I could see anything that floated and I spotted another lonely forgotten trap but this time it didn't have a tripletail it had three! Billy said lets both cast. He tossed a boat monkey float over a shrimp and I fell in beside him with a free lined shrimp. Double tripletail on, my fish wrapped around the rope so I was intent on getting it loose while Billy fought his fish. We determined mine was a keeper and his wasn't so he just played his while I got mine loose. I netted my fish and dumped him on the deck then netted, tagged, and released Billy's. Now with two in the boat Billy wanted to finish his one man limit. We ran another 50 traps in flat calm him clear water and didn't see a fish. I moved areas again and within 5 traps we saw a good one. This fish was feeding, it came out of the water twice as I was approaching him. It was so intent on chasing whatever bait was near him I told Billy just sling that shrimp up there close. Well he closed the deal and ended the day with an 11.25 lb tripletail. A lot of fun and a beautiful day on the water. God blessed us with another safe and bountiful trip!

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Nice job Capt Ronnie. His smile says it all.
Excellent performance Bud!
That's called getting it done! Good report Ronnie.
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