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Two-headed Deer

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I thought this shot was too great to pass up! [omg][omg] At first glance, it appeared this deer had two heads! It's great to see what "shows-up" in my yard. Things are still NOCTURNAL! Anyone have any idea how old these bucks are? Thanks [biggrin]


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Your going to have your hands full hunting that one! With two of everything it's going to be twice as hard sneaking up on him. [tongue]
Several years ago there were quite a few reports of Siamese twin spikes not far from our place. I believe it was even spotted by a warden and the wildlife dprtmnt was supposedly trying to trap it. They said it was conjoined at the hip.

I always wondered if I should pass it since it would count as 2 bucks or was it a shooter since it was a 4 point!?!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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