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Wade Fishing Henderson Point

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My wife and I are heading down to Pass Christian next week to stay at a condo on Henderson Point. How is the wade fishing on Henderson Point in front of the Inn by the Sea? There looks to be an old pier on the east side of the condos and some pilings on the west side.

What kind of reports are you hearing about wade fishing right now in the area (Waveland/BSL/Pass Christian)?

In the past couple years I generally waded the Waveland area. As a kid in the summers (20 years ago) I used to tear them up in Gulfport fishing the culverts around Chateau Charmont and the Waffle House.

I only get down there once a year in the summer now, so I try to squeeze in as much fishing as possible.
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I haven't seen any location specific reports, but have seen that guys have been catching white trout, specks and reds mixed while wading. I believe there are a couple reefs you can wade too between the point and the harbor. I'm sure others with more knowledge may chime in.

What is the flounder action like?

Also, I noticed on the reef map a reef located across from Fournier Ave in Gulfport. This was around the area I used to wade fish as a kid. Does that reef get much action/pressure?
We fished that particular area a little bit this morning and found nothing but then again we found very little any where we checked this morning.
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