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Waveland 7/30 & 7/31

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My buddy and I headed to Pass Christian to visit his dad and do some wading. Yesterday I caught 4 shorts and a lady fish. Today was a little better. I caught about 15 short specks, with the biggest being 12.5". It was fun though! All caught on UV matrix shads. My family actually has a camping trip planned at buccaneer this weekend, so I'll be back at it tomorrow through Sunday
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Good luck Bro!
Thanks, Capt. I've got the trout figured out down here I believe, but now I just need to get some keepers
Hope you smack some good ones this weekend.
Just an update. Still nothing worth keeping really! I caught 8 yesterday evening and 14 this morning plus a flounder. Of the 37 trout I've caught in the past three days, only one has been a keeper.

Oh yeah, I like that new purple haze vortex! I caught a few on it yesterday
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