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Weather and fish

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What kind of effect does rain have on specks and reds? I'm trying to soak up some information so I can learn more. If anyone has some observation based answers, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Really depends on the area. In some areas a small amount of rain can have an adverse effect on water quality. Other areas rain (other than frog stranglers) can have very little affect if any at all. Fall and winter when trout are in the back up in the estuaries rain can affect water clarity, temp and salinity in very negative ways. Reds are less affected by rain than trout due to water conditions.
Like SJ said, it really depends on the location.

A short rain usually doesn't do too much. But, in some areas it can really turn the water murky pretty quick.

A lengthy period of rain can really cause problems. As rivers swell, their discharge can carry quite a bit of silt and can really lower the salinity right up against the coast. Along with the silt/cloudy water problems, a really high river discharge can also carry quite a bit of debris. I've seen whole logs adrift in the middle of the MS Sound. That can definitely be a danger to boaters!

My best suggestion os to look at the area of interest and see what you can see as far as possible effects. I know I've sat right at Cat Island with my rainsuit on and as soon as the rain quit we were right back onto the Trout. I've also been deeper into the marsh and watched the water go from tea to chocolate milk in a matter of minutes as a really light, short-lived rainshower put just enough water into the drainages to puch a lot of muck out into the bayous.

I wish there was a better answer, but that is a perfect example of fishing and it's many challenges. You can spend a lifetime trying to learn, but there will always some little something that throws a wrench into the works.

All part of the chase that I love!
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