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Weekend report 11 and 13 July

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Sorry no pics but just wanted to share.

Friday 11 July--Left Long beach harbor around 8 AM with my 8 year old son. Water was awesome, smooth and clean. Ran to north side of Cat. Took about an hour to find fish but once we did, it was on! Found them stacked up in North Bayou on a point of grass just as you enter. Immediately caught 8 trout over 20" with two on the 24" mark. Lost two more beasts right at the boat. When the action slowed, we had 10 big trout in the box and a few in the 15" area. We left a slow bite and ventured deeper in the marsh looking for some reds but only found a pile of undersized trout. We went back to our spot and caught more keepers and a few mackeral to boot. Fish caught on croakers, live shrimp and vudu shrimp under a cork. 2-4' of water with visibility to 4'. Home by 1230.

Sunday 13 July--Headed out at 6 AM to the same spot as Friday. Imediately caught fish but not the size of Fridays catch. Most were areound 15". Throw in a flounder, a few white's, and big ground mullet as well. Had to depart our spot about 40 minutes after we arrived because the weather was moving in and I certainly didn't want to get stuck in weather with my son on board. 10 keeprs in 40 minutes wasn't bad. Easy limit if we could have stayed. Son was fishing a H2O express vudu lookalike while I was throwing live shrimp. He outfished me two to one. I was very impressed with the H2O knockoffs and they are half the price of vudu. Stoped on the way back and fished a large area of working birds very close to the harbor. Sat there for an hour and caught a pile of lady fish, blue fish and mackeral. Nothing much for the fish box but the boy had a blast. Home by 1030.

All in all, great weekend of fishing. I'll remember to take some pics next time.
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Good report, sounds like you both had a blast![cool]
I bet your 8 yr old son did have a blast with that kind of action. Kudos to you for getting him out there.
SJ, I can't go fishing without him...he won't let me.
Great report and a great time with your son.

SJ, I can't go fishing without him...he won't let me.
Sure is fun, ain't it? I love fishing with my boys!
Congrats on some nice fish and always love time fishing with my dad, can't wait to take my own little guy. Your report kind of makes me sick though cause I thought about moving over there to North bayou Saturday but didn't. We found mostly school trout in Smugglers.
You have to absolutely love those days! Congrats on a great day with your Boy. I have 2 grown daughters.............I sure miss those days.
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