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Well it happened

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My paypal account got hacked. Was reading an email letting me know the windshield I just bought had been shipped when I noticed an email from paypal confirming my $100 purchase and payment of itoons through paypal. Problem is I didn't make a $100 purchase of itoons through paypal.[angry] I'm telling ya I dislike a thief so much I could feed them alive to wild dogs and not lose a wink of sleep. Paypal is currently investigating the unauthorized purchase. Hopefully Paypal will rule it to be an unauthorized purchase so I will not be charged for it.
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I use it a lot, they will investigate it and make it right...
I hate to hear that, SJ. I'm sure a large, established company like PayPal will make things right for you
I've had this happen before and they should get it taken care of for you. It's still frustrating thinking about some #*[email protected]#& stealing from you though...
I was a victim, after being told that debit cards were not insured against identity theft, I canceled my debit card and purchased a pre-paid card at Wal-mart, it's a little inconvience having to go by and load it,but I don't have to worry about being hacked when making online purchases. I only keep 5 to 10 dollars loaded until I get ready to make a purchase, then I load it with enough to cover the purchase.
I don't own a debit card as well. I do everything on amex.. I have had 2 fraudulent purchases and both were taken care of. Sorry to hear of your issue but they will fix it.
Hacking happens pretty easy anymore. I suggest changing all passwords and use different passwords for everything. I was hacked about 2 years ago. Now I use 15 character passwords, a 15 character sentence is pretty easy to remember too. Also good to have a good anti-virus and a good web browser like chrome, internet explorer has gotten better but it just has too many security flaws. Paypal is good about getting your money back.
Hate to hear that SJ....hope it gets worked out...
Paypal says it can take up to 10 days. $100 is not a life changing amount of money but just would hate to lose it to some scumbag.
Wow I'm sorry to hear that. I got my card stolen one time and no telling what would have happened if the bank wouldn't have called me. I was ok Gonzales la getting gas. Well I swiped my card into the pay at pump. Well they had a card reader that gets your info inside of the swiper. Well they would get all info off your card and be able to make a card. Go use it like no problem and until someone ran out of funds would keep going. Luckily my bank called me wondering how I made purchases at the big outlet mall in Gonzales as the same time I was making purchases in jackson. Seeing I only have one card on my account. They had to shut the account down. Well these people have ran up a chRge of over 3500 before was caught. Took my bank 15 days to give me my money back which luckily I received it back. Well now needless to say I never swipe my card at a pump.
Same thing happened to me about a month ago 100.00 purchase for iTunes card from "Paypal Gifts". Paypal made it right but it took about 10 days to get my 100.00 credited back to paypal. I have used paypal for a long time and have never had an issue, and have not had one since. I do however only have one credit card I use for paypal with a low limit just in case something really crazy would ever happen.
bnecaise74 did you just complete the unauthorized payment feature and then just wait on them?
sorry for not getting back sooner sj. That is all I did. Then just wait. They will credit it back to your paypal account. They never sent me an email saying that it was credited back. I would just check my paypal account daily. Then you will have to withdraw the funds from paypal and transfer it to your bank account, or you could just leave in your paypal account if you plan on making purchases soon.
Thanks for the info bnecaise.
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