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Well while were on thieves

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Paypal refunded the $100 unauthorized transaction that was charged to my paypal account so that is good. But they locked my account down because some one else or the same perps tried to illegally access my account again. After the first incident I changed my password to a very (by their standards) secure new password so the attempt failed and they were not able to access my account again. I called paypal direct and we got everything straightened out and got my account back open. I pray for thiefs but I have to be honest the prayer is not always in their favor.[mad]
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Check this out. Goto lowes then type in driveway alarm. They have one made by Swann that might do ya. I've got a couple from harbor freight and I can't recommend them. But the idea is fantastic and in a set up like yours a couple would have you covered. With lowes they will take em back if you don't like them. Tons of gear like this out there on the web
Got to run right now but will check them out when I get back. Thanks Bill.
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