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What broad head?

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What broad head will everyone be launching out of your xbow this year? Thinking about using the 2" cut reapers but haven't decided yet.
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I used the xbow reapers last year and they did a good job as long as you do your job.
I've still got a whole bunch of Muzzys. Once those are gone, I'm switching to Slick Tricks.
just picked up a xbow, got the new barnett raptor fx. man what a blast to shoot. i'd also like to know what others are using.
Shot 3 with rage chisel tip two blade and 3 with chisel tip extreme. They are absolutely devastating!

We're using the Rage Extreme 2.3" cut 100gr. My wife shot two last year, lost the first one as I think the broadhead never opened (doe at 5yds from pop up) untill it exited.[confused] The next was a beautiful 11pt buck @ 32 yards (Her first buck)[cool] on New Years Eve.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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