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What Truck for trailoring ?s

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For decades I have always needed a 4 wheel drive and for many reasons including hunting, mud, snow, ice etc. Now that I'm down here on the coast most of those reasons no longer exist for me. So my dilemma is, my 2001 Toyota Tacoma 4WD 4 cylinder has to work hard to pull and carry a 21'CC. I don't have to go far and it does make it however working up a sweat doing so. Today I priced new 4WD pick ups and after a severe case of sticker shock decided to keep things as they are. But then I thought of you guys to help me with this issue!!! So my questions are, would a full size 2WD pick up with of course a bigger engine than my Tacoma, pull a 21'CC out of Long Beach Harbor and most other harbor launches around here. Then as far as just fishing, how important is 4WD down here?
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For years I pulled a 25 1/2 ft Dusky (about 7,000 lbs total wt) with a 2wd Dodge 1500. The only time I got into trouble was when the ramps got slick with seaweed. There were a few times when I had to use the boat engine to push the whole rig forward until the tires could get traction. A big-block Crusader can churn a whole lot of water.
Any half-ton pickup, even 2WD should be able to easily handle a 21 footer. The smaller engines, like the Ford 4.0L 6-cylinder would handle it as well. I would prefer an 8-cyl though. A Ford F150, Chevy/GMC or Dodge 1500, the Titan, or the Toyota Tundra should all be able to handle your boat.
4WD is not necessarily needed either down here, unless you just want to tow your boat through the mud. As long as you have decent tread on your tires, they should easily handle the ramps at LB, PC, BSL, etc....
With the economy as it is, there are plenty of "lightly used" trucks on the market as well.

.............my two cents.
Keep that one and buy my wife's old excursion to tow boat. Hahaha
My brother pulled an old big heavy 224 mako cc, with an old worn out 83 Chevy half ton with a 305 in it never had any issues at the launch
You can never have to much truck. I like 4x4 cause of the not so great launches I have used. Kinda like toilet paper, better to have and not need than to need and not have!
Also a cheaper solution and keep your old truck is change out gears in front and rear ends. Drop them down a few ratios and it will be stronger. But they are not as good on the road or highway
Buy a used 4x4 for trailering
Prob can find an old Chevy reasonable
To echo everyone else...I have a 06 Chevy 1500 w/ a 5.3 small v8,2wd and had zero issues towing a 22' Skeeter CC.
I'd agree that any 1/2 ton should work. I pull my 24 with a 2wd GMC Sierra with a 5.3
Buy a used 4x4 for trailering
Prob can find an old Chevy reasonable
My 2000 GMC Z-71 has 289,000 miles on it and still going strong. It is amazing how long they can last.
Thanks for all the help guys. Now I have some pondering to do.!
I've towed pig killer Phil's boat with mine a few times. Silverado with 5.3 and put a good strain on it. But he has a hydrasport 22 vector. So it's not a small one or light.
Just in case you decide on an old mud/ hunting truck, there is a full size jacked up truck at 621 East North St, Pass Christian at Torgsion motors for sale... I think the window price is less than 6k, not sure of make or model because I didn't stop, just saw it as I passed by
I have a ford f 150 and pull my 25 mako all over the place. Never had a issue pulling it up any ramp, just don't gun the engine. Slow application of power works great.
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