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Which Boat Ramp??

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I have a new 17' aluminum boat and am interested in starting to fish the marsh a little, I don't feel like I need to run across any large lakes. I'm used to fishing freshwater lakes and rivers around the state. Where would be the best boat launch to start from. I am familiar with Riggiles, but was hoping to find something around the Pearl? But, I'm very open to suggestions. Looking to catch some reds, specs or whatever is biting. Thanks for the input.
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La France Marina or right there at the bridge where hwy 90 crosses the Pearl? Welcome to the Bull. It's different than other forums.
La France would be a good place to start. From there you will have access to a ton of bayous as well as Heron Bay, Redfish Bayou, etc...
Come the fall, you can launch in Pearlington and chase reds throughout that area.

By the way, Welcome to the Bull!
Thanks guys. I'm going to get down that way and do some exploring. Catching a few fish will just be a bonus!
Welcome to the Bull DoePatrol, glad to have you
Also, there is Bayou Caddy Right behind Silver Slipper Casino in Waveland. From there you can work the beach area, as well as the flats just outside the mouth, across from the casino. And, when the weather is kind enough, you can just keep following the coast westward and work the multitude of bayous and drainages. Not sure why I didn't think of that before.
Cool. Thanks for the recommendation, where y'all think I should try this weekend?
With the weather that looks to be moving in, I think you may wish to stay with the most protection. I would suggest launching out of La France. Take a good look at Google Earth and get an idea of the layout.
Just outside the pipeline canal there is a shallow bay. Sometimes the trout will move through there. Flounder can sometimes be found along the banks off of points. Reds can be found at drainages and up the bayous to the east.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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