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which broadhead

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Are you going to be using this year. I myself will be trying a different one. Still a grim reaper but it is the fatal steel.
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Thinking about trying the Rage Hyperdermic. Been shooting fixed blades forever.
Slick trick mags and maybe mix in a couple of hyperdermics
Slick trick mags and maybe mix in a couple of hyperdermics
I've shot slick tricks for the past 3 years but I can't help but want to try those rages
Wasn't a huge rage fan, but stated shooting hypodermics last year and I really liked them. Will be shooting them again this season.
Been shooting Rage for the last 6 years or so...don't see me changing anytime soon. Tried the Hypodermics last year for the first time and had great results.
I have shot Killzones for the past two seasons with good results, but im a fixed blade fan so this year will be grizztrick II's.
Muzzy 100's in 3 blade. After 25 years and a pile of deer, the "old" Broadhead gets it done year after year. They aren't new and improved, they are simple and reliable.
G5 Montec. They haven't let me down in the last 5 years.
Slick trick mags. Simple and deadly
Plan to have montecs and reapers in the quiver.
Schwacker for me. I've only shot 2 deer with them so far but combined they didn't run but a total of 30 yards...
I've been shooting slick tricks for a few years now. That's what I'll be toting.
Been shooting rage past few years with success but I couldn't pass up this deal. 6 pack muzzy 100 gr only $19.99 thru September 1st ... Call us will ship... 662-227-9229
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Gonna give the Viper Tricks a try this year.
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