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Who are these folks?!?

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Sitting here at work, checking out Magnolia Records, i cant help but notice in Issaquena County, the name VanDevender pops up alot.. These folks kill alot of big fine deer.. Anybody know them or how they can stack them up like that? I need to know their secret! Ha..
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They own and farm a large amount of land just past tri-county hunting club, a few years ago they sold a large tract to their close friends the Manning's (Archie and family). The area where they hunt has been aggressively managed for years and from my understanding they don't shoot anywhere near the number of does the biologist recommends. I've heard they give the does sanctuary to draw bucks. You see the results.
The secret is no secret at all. Time and money. But they were growing big deer before it was cool and have excellent taste in land.

Which part did they sell to the Manning's?
Don't remember, been along time ago, a friend of mine that used to be in Reeds, bought in to a camp off Hwy.1, he was trying to get me to invest and was saying they were looking at part of Van-Devenders that they were wanting to sell, heard later they (Van devender) were personal friends of the Manning's and that Archie bought the part they were looking at. Hindsight being 20-20, I wish I would have went into hock to invest in the other place, my friend bought two shares and made money off the first one he sold, never asked about the second.
I caped out a few of those heads when I worked for little's taxidermy. They brought in a few good ones every year.
Old Reed deer camp. I shot my first deer down there when I was 12. Guided duck hunts on that place during college right before the V's bought it. The rest is history.
The 140+" full body mount 8 point at the entrance of the natural science museum came from their place in Claiborne county. They have a couple of world class pieces of property.
Billy Vandevender was Archie Manning's roommate at Ole Miss. I believe The Vandevenders are in the timber business. The Mannings and Vendevenders are close family friends.
Good people, super wealthy. They own or are members of several nice places here and in Arkansas as well I believe. His wife is the real hunter.
Yeah, the name Mollie popped up alot, she must be the wife.. She kills 140-160" deer on a yearly basis.. I wouldnt know what to do if i got a picture of a 140" deer on my trail cam, much less kill one..

Read the link.

Also, The food is real good!
+1 on the food! Especially when you have been duck hunting all day and could eat just about anything ha
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