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Yearly Bigfoot post lol

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Hey guys . I don't post up about this but once a year or so but has anybody had anything weird happening? I've gotten a few reports lately so I figured there may be even more I haven't heard about. You can PM me if you don't want anyone to know who you are. I never give up my sources. Thanks guys and if you're curious about Bigfoot. Go to my groups website it's GCBRO.com. We have a database there and you can look in your county to see if we have anything listed. Just know that only about Half or less of what we have is actually listed
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Well I guess it could be, Preacher posted on "another forum" an articl from a local paper in Philly of 17 panthers beeing seen.
Said it was due to climate changes or Bushes fault...
Recon how much temp differece it takes for a Big Foot to relocate......[rofl][rofl]
I did have a "weird happening " the other day. I was at the camp, out scouting a new section and when I got back to my truck there was a few beef jerky eaten and the wrappers left on the seat. Looked like some awfully big footprints on the ground also. It rained before I could get back with my cell phone to photo the prints.
They're moving now. Couple of jacked up reports lately. Some guys have been run out of the woods by something very large. Another guy saw 2, 7-8 foot tall monkeys fighting. Lots of crazy stuff going on.
I will not dismiss the existence of gigantopithicus, though I have never seen anything that I thought could be one. Many do not believe in panthers, but I have seen those, so anything is possible. However, if Bigfoot does exist and herds deer like the goofballs in the BFRO say, I sure wish they would herd them in my direction during the season lol.
Nice Panther track cast right there. Goofballs at BFRO? We call the the BSro lol I know a few of their researchers and SOME are good honest people who know what they are doing. Moneymakers name fits him. That's all he's looking for. I wish I could get paid to research
Those morons on the show be the ones I speak of lol. Talk about a joke lol. But I will give them this, they have figured out how to profit very well from it. I have a friend that used to chase Bigfoot back in the 80's, he says they did it the real way then and were in partners with ole moneymaker and split off from him cause his name was precisely what he wanted to do with it lol.

Well since you're an actual Bigfoot guy, what do you think of that ole boy that was on Survivorman when he did his Bigfoot show? Its like Less Stroud said, the stuff that guy had was either real or fake, wasn't any in between.
Les I believe but where he was at with Todd Standing is a joke. Todd has faked so much crap it's not even funny. Got a friend that looked at the pictures and knowing all about pixels and photos, he found the edge of the figure in the pictures had been mess with, AKA Photo Shopped. LOL Now les has had 2 encounters with SOMETHING in the past, I believe that ole boy. He has nothing to gain and everything to lose talking about what happened to him. Her's one of his encounters with SOMETHING.
What ever happened to the guy in texas that claimed to have killed and have proof of bigfoot?
That was Rick Dyer. it was his 2nd try at a hoax. Same guy that a few years ago said he had a dead one in a freezer. LOL
This fall or winter there's a New TV show that's gonna have a Pilot. I hope in editing, they do it right. Nothing like it has ever been on TV before as far as Bigfoot
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Look at the guy in the middle. Kinda looks just like this guy, doesn't it LOL
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They done spotted one in Vicksburg. I think he was playing on the monkey bars of an old playground. He ran off before the guy could get his autograph.
LOL saw that. Looking at the cast of the track, I'm saying Bear
I agree with that being a bear track, been a bear sighting in town, I don't think bigfoot would be in an area this close to Jackson, someone might steal his coat.
What ever happened to the guy in texas that claimed to have killed and have proof of bigfoot?

Here you go theduckiller
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