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Youth Bow Setup

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I have a used Bow that i want to setup for my 11 y/o to hunt with this year. He has never bowhunted. Does anyone know of any good local archery shops around central ms that i could get to look at it and set it up to fit him? Always such a hassle to get help at the larger big box stores and i thought a local shop may take more time getting it to fit him? Thanks in advance.
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If it's a used adult bow, you will have a very hard time getting it to fit a youth.
I work alot with kids. What bow is it? Brand, weight, is draw length adjustable?? If so, come see us...Stan's Outdoor, Inc. Columbus, MS. We sell Bowtech, Diamond, and Parker, since 2003!! I have been shooting since the late 60's!! If that won't work, I bet we can fit Him!!
Spend the money and get a bow that will grow with your 11yo.

Mission Craze is what I bought my son and it's fully adjustable without any professional equipment to work on. It is very versitile from child to adult. Diamond offers a similar bow.

Sell your old bow and apply that to your 11yo new purchase.

I would recommend B&B archery in Pearl,MS
There are some outstanding youth bows on the market. My son is still shooting his Diamond Edge. Just a great little bow that has good speed! Let him shoot them all and make it be a big deal for him. Great job dad.
Thats what the bow is, a Diamond Edge. Went to B&B Achery and they were very helpful. Got it tuned up and setup to fit him perfectly. Has tons of adjustment for him to grow into. He slung arrows all day yesterday!!!Thanks to all who replied.
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