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Youth Fishing Rodeo Suggestion

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Took my 2 kids to a State funded youth fishing rodeo recently, and first of all, thanks to all the officials that took part and made this possible for the kids. I know my kids enjoyed it as well as many others.
Now for my complaint. There was a couple of guys that had a few kids each, that had the best spot cornered for fishing. The limit was supposed to be 5 fish per kids, but these kids fished until they quit biting in that one location. I overheard one of the kids say they quit counting at 35 fish! These 2 guys took out 2-5 gallon buckets, and 2 coolers full of fish while many kids didnt get a BITE, much less catch a fish. Apparently they hit several youth rodeo in North Mississippi. Im all for everyone having a great time and catching fish. In the future guys, be mindful of other kids wanting to catch fish too, catch your 5 fish limit and move along, please.
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